20 Foot High

Global warming has hit a peak. Water levels are rising beyond anything ever recorded in history. Rivers are bursting their banks and winds are battering the landscape with an unrelenting force.

A group of scientists have been snowed into an underground lab and across the world citizens homes are being destroyed. Lives are hanging by a delicate thread, fighting to hid from the brutal hand of nature, but knowing that help may not be around the corner.

Will the country's leaders step in and support those in need ? What measures will be put in place to prevent any further disasters ? Will it all be too late ?

The members of Shed@ThePark Theatre Company present 20 Foot High, a piece looking at hard hitting global issues from the perspective of young Chesham inhabitants. From the imaginations of the children and young people, through a combination of text, devised performance, movement and song comes the story of those affected by extreme weather.

Show Dates :

Wednesday 30th April Chiltern Hills Academy, Chartridge Lane 6PM

Sunday 4th May Chesham Youth Centre, Bellingdon Road 1:30PM and 5PM

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20 Foot High and Rising! - By Lee Marshall

Thank goodness the sun is shining again. (Shhh! We don’t want to jinx it!) The winter was fraught with destructive storms, high winds, and so much rain that it is difficult to find anyone who didn’t have something damaged or destroyed. There were floods in the UK. The USA became frozen solid and covered in snow. It was enough to make even the strongest people worry about the world let alone those seeing it with fresh and innocent eyes.

Have you ever wondered what children make of the world these days? As adults, we watch events unfold, we have our own worries and sometimes it’s difficult to remember that children feel the same feelings we do. Sometimes they need a way to explore those feelings, especially when it looks like the whole of the country is going to be underwater. Children notice things around them. Global warming is a great concern for many of them and the members of Shed have chosen this as the subject of their next performance.

So how do they relate to global destruction, hard hitting issues and the impending threat of Armageddon? They put their heads together. They discuss how they feel. They compose songs, dances, write text, and put together something incredible. This is a story straight out of the imaginations of the children and young people of Chesham and their perspective on how we will handle a global catastrophe. It also reflects a lot of their hopes and fears for their own future.

In “20 Foot High” we find a group of Scientists, trapped in an underground laboratory by huge snowfalls. The Global climate has gone haywire with flooding, storms, drought and freezing temperatures. Nature is becoming extreme! In their snow bound prison, they watch as climate change destroys the homes of people around the world. People are on the run from the ferocious weather, hiding where they can, and unsure if help will get to them or not. Will the government step in to help before it is too late? Is it already too late? These questions can only be answered by watching “20 Foot High!”

It’s nearly ready for you. Shed at the Park members are rehearsing really hard right now to be able to bring this to you, so come and see their hard work when they are ready. The good news is that you won’t just get one opportunity to see it but three! The first show will be on Wednesday the 30th April, 6pm at the Chiltern Hills Academy, Chartridge Lane. The second and third will be on Sunday 4th May, 1.30pm and 5pm at the Chesham Youth Centre, Bellingdon Road.