News Archive[2012 part1]

A Day to Remember

A wonderful day, but one full of mixed emotions!

It started when a morning meeting of the Trustees unanimously voted in a new Chairperson, George Jeffrey.

New Chair of Shed@ThePark - George Jeffrey

After many years of service to Shed@The Park, as Chair of the Board of Trustees, Irene Perrin has decided to stand down with effect from 18th July2012, to be replaced by George Jeffrey.

Shed's Super Summer

Start summer off with something different. Shed are running workshops all this week (23rd July) and all next week (3rd August).

Waddesdon 2012

Again this year, SHED was offered a coveted invitation to take part, this time with the prime spot of the Dome Pavilion at lunch time on Sunday.

Smiles to change the world. Inclusivity at its very best.

Shed@ThePark Newsletter June 2012

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Nick Lund's fundraising 10km run

I don't have a final total yet but it will be around £400 for Shed. My donation site is still open for last minute donations – every £1 counts Hopefully, this will pay for a few bursaries for children who cannot afford our workshops.

Shed@ThePark - A Ray of Sunshine at Chesham Carnival - Saturday 16th June 2012

THOUSANDS turned out for the 38th Schools of Chesham Carnival on Saturday (June 16).
Shed@ThePark, along with Chesham’s schools and local businesses donned all things red, white and blue and took part in the Reign of Queen Elizabeth themed procession through the streets of Chesham.

Theatre and Dance by Chance

With superb planning and execution Sally, our wonderful Assistant Artistic Director, and her very able team delivered an inspiring holiday workshop, where participants explored expressions and themes purely chosen by chance.